Quality and Professional Chimney Rebuilding Service in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee & Washington Counties

If your chimney has loose or falling bricks, it’s time to rebuild. Chimneys in this condition are at risk of collapsing or damaging your house through water leaks, heat or even fires. Royal Chimney Service has been serving the good people in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee Counties with prompt and detail-oriented chimney repairs and rebuild since 1980. Don’t wait until it’s too late to rebuild your chimney! Call us today at 414-771-2282 for an estimate.

Chimney Repair and Rebuild

When the bricks of your chimney begin to loosen and fall off, or “spall”, the only proper repair is for a rebuild of that part of the chimney. The rebuilding process includes a thorough, written inspection to ensure there are no other damages that also need repairs. Once the inspection is complete, the chimney masonry is dismantled, and new brick is installed. The rebuilt chimney is then topped with a new crown to keep out rain and animals.

Why Is My Chimney Damaged?

Every chimney and building is different, and so is the cause of damage and detonation. Our inspection process can determine the exact reasons leading to your chimney needing to be repaired or rebuilt, and you receive this written inspection as part of our process.

Chimneys are most often damaged by:

  • Exposure to snow, ice, and high winds
  • Falling trees
  • Creosote build-up and other obstructions
  • Cracks in the crown or flue
  • Improper fireplace and chimney usage
  • A lack of regular maintenance

Trust your chimney repair and rebuild to the experts with over 40 years of experience.

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