Chimney Cleaners in New Berlin and Menomonee Falls, WI

Your fireplace is a source of warmth, relaxation, and comfort, especially during the snowy winter months. When your and your loved ones bundle up next to your fireplace, you want to ensure that it is clean so you do not risk you and your family’s safety.

Therefore, turn to the chimney cleaners at Royal Chimney Service for a high-quality chimney cleaning if you are located in New Berlin, WI; Menomonee, WI; or the surrounding areas. Whether you need soot or a blockage removed from your chimney, you can trust us to get the job done properly and efficiently. We will service your home as if it was our own.

Browse our gallery page to see how our chimney cleaners can serve you. We are ready to provide you with superior chimney cleaning services that you can rely on in every season, so do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced and knowledgeable team today.

Fireplace cleaning is a labor-intensive and dirty job that our quick, courteous, and detail-oriented professional technicians are best left. Royal Chimney Service has over 40 years of experience in comprehensive chimney services, including giving your fireplace an unbeatable cleaning. Call us today at 414-771-2282 to schedule your fireplace cleaning with one of our trained and certified technicians!

Can’t I Use a Chimney Cleaning Log for This?

Chimney cleaning logs rarely help. These “effective” products often make your chimney health worse! Even if they did work, they wouldn’t be able to match the quality and detailed cleaning of our trained technicians.

Benefits of Having Royal Chimney Clean Your Fireplace

  • Fast
  • Will leave your fireplace looking new
  • Guaranteed not to dirty your house
  • Can perform a basic inspection while cleaning

Why Fireplace Cleaning is Important

Dirty fireplaces look unclean and can also add to the risk of a chimney fire. Fireplaces, like the chimney itself, build up creosote over time. Creosote is flammable and, once ignited, can cause an uncontrolled chimney fire. Since fireplaces open directly to your home, uncontrolled creosote burns can spread to your walls and mantle.

Keeping a clean fireplace will also improve the everyday function of the fireplace and chimney system. Regular cleaning will also make any necessary or potential repairs more apparent, allowing fixes sooner and saving you money in the long run.

If you have a dirty fireplace, don’t delay! Call us today at 414-771-2282.